Looking for What Actually Happened - Finding Reliable Sources (Primary Sources)

- Become skilled in the basics of using a graphics editing program FIREWORKS
- Gain a basic understanding of how "the truth" can be a tricky thing and as historians we have to work diligently to find the most accurate information possible.
August 29
Quiz: Eratosthenes & calculating the distance around the earth
Fact vs. Opinion
History Hoaxes
Today we begin our search for the truth and look at how we must always be on the lookout for false or incorrect information.
Short intro by Mr. Durfee to FIREWORKS, graphics program
Ghost Story
Today you will see just how easy it is to make a digital photo look like there is a "ghost" in it
Late Start 31
Using FIREWORKS Tools to create strange creatures
Hoaxes Unit Vocabulary Index Card & define and learn these words meaings
September 1
History Hoaxes
Sometime during class, take a short break from working on your hoax and watch Channel One News
Watch, on your own Conspiracy Theory - Did We Land on the Moon? While watching, fill out the Evidence Sheet. You will hang on to this Evidence Sheet to use next week.

- Continue our work on our History Hoax
- See how our mind can play tricks on us
- Understand what a conspiracy theory is and how research and scientific testing can debunk them
- Stay current on the week's top current events
- Understand and use the Hoaxes Vocabulary Words
- We will demonstrate our understanding of the moon landing supposed hoax by writing well supported paragraphs.
Labor Day Holiday
No School
Review what you found about possible evidences that we did not land on the moon.

Watch together & discuss:
The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters - Moon Hoax

While watching we will add to our Evidence Sheets

Late Start 7
- Moon rocks
- More about Moon rocks
- Pictures of the Moon's surface of lunar landing sites showing items left on the moon from the six landings CLICK HERE
As historians we must back up any opinions with facts (supporting ideas & reliable data)
Write and describe why the evidence suggests we did land on the moon.

- lunch#@ironschools.org
- P. School password

to read about this writing assignment

Continue writing your paragraph(s) on debunking the moon landing hoax.

- lunch#@ironschools.org
- P. School password

When completed share your work with Mr. Durfee & your L.A. Core teacher

If time, on your own, watch Channel One News
History Hoaxes Spelling & Vocabulary STUDY GUIDE
Complete the Self Editing Check Off Sheet for your writing on the Moon Landing Hoax
On your own, watch Channel One News
If you have time, check out Optical Illusions

- Making & using timelines in historical analysis
- We will look at a hoax on a hoax and see how the newspaper business of the 1930's attempted to discredit radio as a legitimate source of news and information.
- Understand how, even though the facts of the past do not change, our understanding of the past is constantly changing.
Introduction to War of the World's &weeks objectives

War of the Worlds
While listening to the recording of the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, make a timeline of the events.

On your own, finish listening to the War of the Worlds radio show (start at 32:00) & complete your TIMELINE
Review your History Hoax Vocabulary Words
On your own watch Channel One News
If time, learn your states by playing one of the interactive STATES GAMES
Late Start 14
War of the Worlds - Part II Did the alleged panic caused by the War of the Worlds radio broadcast and reported in the nation's newspapers actually even happen?
Table groups come up with list of what types of primary sources you would look for to determine if the War of the Worlds broadcast really caused panic.

Share and discuss as a class.

Assembly Schedule 16
UTIPs Spelling & Vocabulary TEST - History Hoaxes
- Username: State Student ID number (SSID) - Password: last name with the first letter capped
Note: Take this test until you receive 100%. This is a test from memory, no notes or other helps during test.
Continue working on your HISTORY HOAX
If time, watch, on your own, Channel One News


- Make your own history hoax
- Gain an understanding of how our president's are elected and the workings of the Electoral College system.

Complete work on your own history hoax & share with Mr. Durfee

History Links Activities:

Channel One News
Free Rice Vocabulary
States Games, etc.

How prejudice can control us and lead us to act in inappropriate and even cruel ways
Watch TOGETHER & Discuss the Video: Frontline Special - A Class Divided (blue-eyed, brown-eyed)
Late Start 21
On your own, watch the Brown Eye, Blue Eye Experiment Video
CLICK HERE to download
and, while watching, complete the video questions Work Sheet
Class discussion on what you found/learned.