Using Guitar Tabs

Tablature is a fast way to write and read guitar licks (small parts of a song) but a horrible way to learn an entire song. Reading and attempting to play and remember pages and pages of tablature is a daunting task.

The way to use tablature properly is not to try to play every single note you might find tabbed but rather to assist you in determing THREE things: 1. The key the song is played; 2, The progression of the chords; and, finally, 3, Solo or signature licks important to the song. These are the same three things you need to do with any song. See the lessons section for more detail.

For example, the popular Eagle's song, Hotel California, has been tabbed and tabbed AND tabbed. I went to which is my favorite tab location on the web. Ultimate Guitar has about THREE DOZEN tabbed Hotel Californias, yikes! The most reviewed version is about eight pages in length, which is just a bit too long, in my book, to really be able to just straight memorize. But we don't need to memorize every single note as tabbed, instead, we are just going to use this tablature as a guide to an understanding of the song.

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