There are so many great websites with invaluable information and lesson materials. As the class progresses, I will share some of these websites here. Also, should you find a site you believe is useful, let me know and I will post it for the entire class. Chord Search
Great site for guitar tabs and chord charts Another good site for everything guitar chords Yet another great site for guitar chords Great place to find guitar chords A place for everything guitar

TonyOreshkoJazzGuitar Great beginning jazz guitar site Home page for Jazz Guitar Magazine Great site for chord charts for numerous great jazz tunes All about musical note frequencies
On-line guitar tuner Keep your guitar always in tune
Bossa Nova Music and Charts
Everything bossa nova
Jazz Guitar Lessons for jazz guitar
Guitar Lesson World Many great guitar lesson topics Website Lessons for Guitar Lessons for Guitar Lessons for Guitar
Heartwood Guitar Instruction Lessons for Guitar
Songsterr Interactive Lessons for Guitar

Flatpicking Magazing online Bluegrass guitar site
e-Chord Website Great place for online lessons for poplular songs Website Great place to take a sound file and covert to chord diagrams
chordguide Great site to create chord charts for study
guitarcats free guitar lessons - good site for jazz songs another great chord locator with pictures of fingerings
Farhat Guitar Lessons - Great site for videos to learn popular songs
Making Music Fun - Great beginning music theory website - Great site for finding out more info on vintage Gibson & Fender guitars

Black Chord Charting Paper
Basic Guitar Chords Charts

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