Ear Training - Finding the Key

If you are learning a song you need to have a good sense of what the song is all about that is don't just memorize a list of chords or notes but first, and foremost, IDENTIFY THE KEY the song is played. If you know the key you will know the notes/chords you can pick from and you will quickly be able to play the basic structure of the song.

The best way to pick out the key of a song is to listen carefully to the bass line. The bass will play the underlying note structure and if you can match the bass line you will be able to identify the key of the song. Songs go from unresolved to resolved that is the strongest pitch/tone or note is the root note. The root note is, generally, the one that will identify the key. If you hear a B note as the final note of the song, the song is probably in B major, or possibly B minor. If the final note is a C you can rest assured that you are most likely dealing with a song in C.

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