This is a picture of my grandfather, Hjalmar Edwin Nicholson, Eddie, as he was known to all his friends. Eddie played with a band called The Seven Keys during the 1920's, a popular dance band which played regularly at the Salt Aire, Great Salt Lake massive dance floor...

Like most of his friends and family, Eddie would spend many evenings out on the porch playing music. There was no T.V. and very few radio programs so when it came to entertainment, they made their own. Not to mention there was no central A.C. so those warm summer nights were particularly a good time to get the guitars, banjos, fiddles out and try to distract yourself from the night's heat and the day's work. Playing together was a way of life and a great time for all.

I suspect we may never go back to those "good ol days" not as long as we can sit in front of the tele or play video games. Too bad as I believe we would all be a lot happier playing music together.

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