Digital Literacy

A Problem We are Going to Need to Solve - Plastic Pollution

Our increasing use of technological advancements has made our lives, in many ways, so much safer, more convenient and productive. However, some of the very things that have made vast improvments in the quality of our lifestyles are having some incredibly negative affects on ourselves and our planet. One are of great concern is our world's consumption, use and disposal of plastics.

Watch a video on the sad affects plastics are having on the Albatross of Midway Island. CLICK HERE to download the movie.

Next, carefully read through the Junior Scholastic article How Plastics are Trashing our Planet

See instructions to get on Scholastic Magazine below:


The password to load the Junior Scholastic Magazine for our class is RyanDurfee (no space between the n and the D)


Think: What is one thing you could start doing, or keep doing, right now that will have an impact on reducing our world's over dependence on plastics. For example, one idea for something you could do right now is take your own re-usable bags to the grocery store so you don't have to use plastic bags.


Another thing you could do would be to avoid overly packaged foods. For example, don't buy the box with the potatoes that use plastic packaging to hold the potatoes. Just buy plain, non-packaged, loose potatoes you place in a re-usable bag.