Moon Landing Hoax: Did We Land on the Moon?
Of course we did but why then is there a growing number of people who doubt we ever went to the Moon?


Now that you have made your own hoax I would guess you have a better understanding of just how confussing our world can be. In our digital world there are so many instances of deceitfulness and trickery that we have often become so skeptical (doubting) as to be unable to distinguish from what is real and what is not. Part of our work in this class will be to identify trustworthy news sources (hint: not Facebook). Sometimes, due to our doubtful natures, we will choose not to believe something that is, with even just a small amount of research, provable as true. Such seems to be the case with the rising number of people who are doubting whether-or-not the United States actually landed astronauts on the moon.

It is imperative (necessary/important) we are able to know the source for any information we obtain and, often times, even if we know the source we need to check the information for its plausability (truthfulness). It is human nature to believe the last thing we hear or see to be true, instead we need to think like scientists to test if what we have seen, heard or read can actually be true and we need to be careful to keep our bias out of our testing.

In July of 1969, the United States successfully landed astronauts on the moon's surface. Today, some 50 years later, there are individuals who are convinced that NASA never actually landed astronauts on the moon. Instead, these naysayers claim the moon landings were something just faked in a tv studio. These moon landing consipiracy theorists cite some, what appear to be, convincing evidence. So, sometimes things that are true (factual) can be held to be untrue. How do you know the difference?


Watch the following program, on your own and, while watching, record what this program presents as supposed evidences to prove the moon landings never occurred. Record these supposed evidences in the boxes of your activity sheet. After you have made your list of supposed evidences to that the conspiracy theorists hold prove we did not go to the Moon, we will go through each of these and see if these evidences really could be evidence against our going to the Moon. Oh, by the way, we really did go to the moon and the evidences to supposedly show we didn't, although sounding plausible (believable and possible) quickly become "Moon dust" and can be blown away when the evidences are analyzed.

Lunar Landing Hoax Did We Land on the Moon - Activity Sheet

Watch the video by CLICKING HERE

After watching the video, double check what you recorded as supposed evidences against the moon landing being real with the list below (Check your sheet to see you have all of these):

1. There were no stars in the pictures and videos of the moon
2. There was no blast crater from the lunar module LEM
3. The flag was waving on the moon and the moon has no atmosphere so no wind/breeze
4. The sound of the rocket engines was too loud for the astronauts to be heard on radio
5. The pictures show multiple light sources, shadows going different directions and light on astronauts who are in the shadow of the lunar lander
6. The footprints on the moon could not have been so well defined as there is no moisture on the moon's surface to make them stick together
7. The movements of the astronauts suggest they were filmed at 48 frames per second and then just slowed down to 24 frames a second to make it look like they are in 1/6 gravity of the earth


Have some additional time. Do some more exploring about the lunar landings. Below are some good websites for your exploration of the moon landing.

- Inside the Apollo Lunar Module
- NASA - The Apollo Missions
- NASA - Website BLOG Page
- NASA - Reconnaissance Orbiter
(this mission videoed/photographed the NASA Moon landing sites)


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