We are in search of the truth. What really happened.

Sometimes what really happened and what we think or believe happened can be somewhat wrong, mostly wrong or even completely wrong. Trying to determine what happened as accurately as possible can be tricky and then, even if we have accurate information, it is imperative (very important) we find a way to retain these facts.

It is imperative we are able to know the source for any information or evidence we obtain. Some sources can be trusted, others cannot.

Today we will start our work to understand how we can work to find the truth. We will also learn about ways we are often tricked or deceived. We will start with one of the most common types of trickery, a hoax. A hoax is, generally, just done for a laugh or just in fun, but not always. Sometimes a simple hoax that may have been intended as just a simple joke or trick can still have hurtful consequences.
Is this photo real?

On September 11th, 2001 the world changed. Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York City and the Pentagon (U.S. military headquarters) brought the reality of world disharmony shockingly into the U.S.

The photo below shows a, supposedly, innocent tourist having his picture taken at the top of one of the twin towers just seconds before the first hijacked plane is crashed into the first twin tower on September 11, 2001.

The story that was circulating with this photo was that a rescue worker found a camera in the rubble of the twin towers. When the photo files were recovered the last photo in the camera was the image above.

What evidence (things to look for) to determine if this photo is real or a hoax (fake)?
For example, what was the weather like on the morning of the attacks? Does the weather of that fateful morning match the weather shown in the photo? What other evidences could you look for to determine the photos validity (truthfulness).

One good source for reading about whether-or-not an item is a hoax (fake) or not is snopes.com You can go there and do a search for "tourist on twin tower at 9/11" or something similar. You should get the following result: CLICK HERE


Now it is time to create your own hoax - My Hoax

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