Creating Your Portfolio Website


To create our websites we are going to use the software application DREAMWEAVER. This software is a Graphic User Interface program (GUI) which takes what we put on our Design Screen and converts it into html code. Html code is a programing language which is readable by all Internet Browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.).

CLICK HERE to watch Video 1 on Creating Your Website in DREAMWEAVER

CLICK HERE to watch Video 2 on Creating Your Website in DREAMWEAVER

CLICK HERE to watch Video 3 on Creating Your Website in DREAMWEAVER

Here are the instructions for creating a website as demonstrated in the videos above:

1. Create a Folder on your network drive for your files. My Computer, U:yourname, <Right Click> <New> <Folder> Name your folder FirstnameLastnameWEBSITE for example RyanDurfeeWEBSITE

2. In FIREWORKS, you should have created a topgraphic for your web pages. See previous day's assignment. This topgraphic should include: The name of the website, by whom the site was created (first name only), the MENU words for your Links and any colors or images you want to add to make your topgraphic stand out.

3. Open the program DREAMWEAVER

4. Click on Create New html

5. Type in a title in the Title Box (replace where it says Untitled Document with a title for your project, e.g., Jeff's Multimedia Website Portfolio).

6. In the Design Screen, <Insert> <Table>. 3 rows, 1 column, 660 pixesl, 0 border, 0 cell spacing, 0

7. In the top row, <Insert> <Image> topgraphic.jpg

8. Click on your topgraphic image and then add Hotspots for each link. Select each of the Hotspots and type in the link names. For example, home.html Do not forget the .html part of the link name.

9. Save a page for each link name, e.g., home.html

NOW YOU HAVE YOUR BASIC STRUCTURE for you webpages, add content. <Insert> <Images> or for FLASH <Insert> <Media> <Flash>



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