Creating a TOPGRAPHIC for Your Website in FIREWORKS

You are going to create a topgraphic for your website.

To create your topgraphic load FIREWORKS and Click On Create New - Fireworks Document (PNG).
Set the size of your image as 660 pixels width and between 150 and 250 in height.

Our resolution for website graphics will always be 72 pixels per inch. This will keep our file size small and allows the graphic file to load quickly. Also, remember your file names for use on your website should not have any spaces or use any special characters ($#.@. . . )

For our website images we will want to insert will be jpg images so, be certain to save your topgraphic as a jpg as well as a png file. Also, be certain your topgraphic.jpg file is in your Portfolio Website folder.

Below are some student examples of topgraphics. You can add images you create or that you download from the Internet and modify to fit your topgraphic style. Be sure to save your tographic in your Website Folder when it is complete. You will need, at least, four page names for links: Graphics, Animations, Final Flash, Pong Game are four good ones to use.

Student Example 1: Nice use of the colors of the Jamaican flag as this student loves Bob Marley and wanted to have the look and colors of Jamaica throughout his work.
Example 2: Katelyn's Multimedia Portfolio, is a nice design. It utilizes colors and images created by the designer, original design, and the link text is easy to read and matches the design elements of color.
Example 3: Abby's interest include basketball, and that is perfectly fine to add that element to her design. She has been careful not to reference a specific team or player but has, instead, made a reverse shadow image of a player making a shot. This is a good example of how one can incorporate a hobby or interest without just copying and pasting an existing image, which would then not be an original design.
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