other great animals  
  the other animals i have talked about are some of my favroites but if those are not some you like here are some other good animals  
geckos are one of my favorite animals and i have found some more that are cool. most of them are nocturnal and are fragil. they should not be handeld to much.    
the first one is a crested gecko.    
  right is a leapord gecko. it is not my favorite  
this is a tokay gecko. below is a poison dart frog. they are only poisonis in the wild.

these poison dart frogs have many diffrtent colors. these ones are just a few i found. they are poisonis in the wild but in captivity they lose their toxin. this makes them a great pet. their cages can be a work of art to if you have stuff to go in their cages.

below is a red eye tree frog. they can be a cool pet too.    
an animal that is not seen on the market a lot but is still cool and would make a good pet is a honred lizard. they are also called horny toad. they are small compared to a bearded dragon so a big cage is not requiered. one reason they are not a pet is because they eat harvester ants. they are small and and are hard to reproduce them. they have a bite that can hurt and sting for a while    
i had one of these for a while. i caught it and found a cage for it. i went in to empty lots to find harvester ants. they have a big home so it is hard to miss. in the winter though i let it go to hibernate.  
when they feel thretend by a predatore they will shot blood from their eyes. this can startel the predatore and scare them away. when i had mine it never shot out blood at me, so i guess it was never to scared of me.