if you are looking for a pet you want to make sure you have the right one. if you like lizards and aren't afraid of bugs then a bearded dragon might be the fight one for you. bearded dragons are omnivoers which means that they eat meat and plants. a bearded dragon will eat crickets and mealworms for there protean and eat greens and fruits for other nutreints.  
  they are born small about 2-3 inches and can get to 2 feet. their size will very depending on the size of cage but will still need a bigger cage once full grown. they are freindly and wont run away when being handle. they are very calm and spend much of their day basking under their heat lamp. getting your bearded dragon can be a little costy. the cage price can very depending on the size. you will need a heat lamp and a UVB lamp. the UVB lamp is important because the rays are healthy for the bones. stuff to go in the cage can very to.
    bearded dragons are native to austrelia. they can grow up to two feet and can be agresive. most are quite tame and wont bit. they are prey to many animals and have a way to scar them away. when they are scared they will buff up their chin to make them look bigger. this is where they get their name bearded dragon.