bearded dragon care  
  if you have a bearded dragon you will want to make sure that you keep it alive. here are some tips for the best care and health for your bearded dragon.  
  bearded dragons will need a good suppliy of food they eat alot and it can become costly to keep it happy.  
for a juvenile bearded dragon the diet should contain lots of protien and greens. 50% of their diet should be crikets and meal worms. 20% should be greens such as lettuce ect.. the older the bearded dragon gets the diet will change.  
when your bearded dragon gets to be an adult its diet will change. their diet should consist of 25% greens 25% prepared diet 25% protein and the rest fruits and veggies. once they are to adult hood do not give them to much protein. make sure they are getting the apropret amout of greens. to much protein can make them fat and it is unhealthy for them.    
cages are another imbortant part of their life. make sure they have things to climb on and can run around. they should also have one side of their cage be warm and the other cold. this way they can cool of if they are to hot.    
have a water dish for them in their cage. not only can it keep them hydrated but it can help constipation.