Importing Files into FLASH
Disco Alien

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Today we will look at importing files into a FLASH animation. We will also insert layers and use the <Modify><Transform><Flip Horizontal> from MENU Bar. Another cool thing you will do is to put an animation inside of another animation. The disco ball has already been animated for your, you just need to drag it into your new animation to make it work. COOOOOL BEANS

CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Durfee's video on making an alien disco dance

Below are the basic steps but watch the video above for complete instructions.

1. Open FLASH

2. Create New FLASH Document

3. Change the stage size to 220 x 220 pixels.

4. Import discoalien images <File> <Import> <Import to Library> go to [Shared Drive] [Durfee] [Multimedia] [Assignments] [Disco Alien Poses] Select all the alien images by left clicking and dragging over all images and then push <Enter> or click <Open>. Be sure to get all the images as well as the discoball.gif

5. Now, using the graphics you have imported to your library, add <blank key frames> and then drag over a pose (disco alien image) to create your animation.

6. Add a layer to your timeline using the <rectangle> tool to put in a black background color. Drag the layer under the alien images layer so you don't hide your dancing alien images.

Save your work as file: disco_alien

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