Digital Literacy - Character & Situation (C&S) Animations


You will have, approximately, two & a half weeks to create/animate your character(s) and situation(s), C&S animation(s). That will seem like a long time at the beginning but if you plan on doing a good job, and I hope you are, this is not a lot of time. Before you begin your animation you will want to know what character(s)/actors will be in your animation and what the situation(s) these characters will find themselves.

You can draw your animation directly in Flash, you can use images you save and create in Fireworks or you can do a combination of both.

file name: My_Animation_YourName

Watch the student examples below:
My Ghost Friends by Zoe
a girl and her two ghost friends riding the subway train
Morris the Moose Goes Ice Skating by Marcy
a moose ice skating
Buzz the Robot by Joanna
a robot takes a trip to the moon
A Friend is a Friend by Brianna
a cat and a dog just hanging out and becoming friends
My Day by Kaja
a girl describing her day
What Your Cat Does When You are Not Around by Zoe
a cat home alone
A Trip Abroad by Karen
animals from the Arctic & Antarctica travel to Africa for some excitement only to discover Africa is too hot for creatures from the North and Southern Hemispheres

So, what will you create?

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