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To test your skills in basic FLASH animation and FIREWORKS graphics programs, complete the following. NOTE: This is a TEST so do your own work. Also, do your best work.

1. Start FIREWORKS and Open the document bird_flying. You can find this image on the <Shared Drive:S><Durfee><Digital Literacy> <Assignments> folder. Prepare this image for use in FLASH. Using the <Polygon Lasso Tool> and <Select> <Select Inverse> <Delete> cut up the bird into the needed parts. You will need the wings up and wings down. You will also need the body so you will need to do some Rubber Stamp Tool and/or Brush Tool to fill in missing body where wing is cut out. Be sure to crop each image so there is no extra space around the images. Save your completed images as Adobe swf files.

2. Open FLASH and select Create New Flash Document (actionscript 3.0 or 2.0, either file type will work for this task). Set the size of your Flash stage to 220 x 220 pixels.

3. Import the .swf images to your FLASH document library <File> <Import> <Import to Library>. REMEMBER: Your files need to be saved as .swf files before Importing to Library.

Now using using enough frames to animate your bird for, at least, five seconds:

1. Draw a sky and clouds in FLASH. Make certain you make your drawing larger than your stage so you can <classic tween> this sky across your stage and make it appear that the bird is flying. Remember, you have to convert your image (graphic) of the sky to a Symbol/Movie File by selecting the image and pressing F8, naming the Symbol and checking the box in the middle of the image graphic. Think back to when you completed the Superman assignment.

2. Bring the the bird parts (.swf files) into the bird layers and have the bird fly across your screen with its wings flapping back and forth across your screen (the bird must appear to be flying, wings must be flapping, not just gliding). Be certain to use layers for all your parts (sky, bottom wing, body, top wing). Hint: You can get the bottom wing to go up and down by using the <modify> <transform> <flip vertical> commands.

Your animation should clearly make the bird appear as though it is flying with wings flapping. Wings should move (flap up and down), at least, four times.

Save your final version to the <S: Shared Drive><Durfee><Durfee Turn-in><"your class period"> file name: birdflying_YourName

Scoring Rubric (points):

40 points = size of stage has been set to 220 x 220 & file is named birdflying_YourName
(Be certain to include both your first and last name in the file name)

40 points = speed of animation looks natural (fps is not too slow or too fast) and the bird moves naturally across the entire animation and does not appear broken up, disappear at any time during animation or act jerky or unnatural in movements

40 points = wings and body bird parts have been cut out cleanly and are transparent

40 points = classic tween of clouds/sky works (Note: Instructions are to draw your own sky & clouds. If you have used an image you found you will only receive half points.)

40 points = bird appears to be flying across the screen - not just coasting but flapping both wings. Bird wings must flap, at least, four times to receive full credit.

Total = 200 points possible CLICK HERE to see the grading sheet

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