FIREWORKS - Vacation

Now you are experts at the graphics editing software, FIREWORKS, it is time to test your Fireworks tool using skills.

Your task: Take the following FOUR images and combine/edit them into the final project using FIREWORKS. Your goal is to match your final image as closely as possible to the example shown. Your image should be as close as possible in size, colors, opacity, etc. Remember to use your tools: Rubber Stamp, Filters/Adjust Colors, Erase Tool, Text Tool and all the others. Your goal is to match the final image as closely to the original as possible. Of course, leave off the watermark (the light grey word test).

You can find the images files you will need on the Shared Drive S: <Durfee> <Digital Literacy> <Fireworks Test>

Make your final image 660 x 440 pixels in size.

<Save As> - your final work on the <S: Shared Drive> <Durfee> <Durfee Turn-in> <Your Class Period>: VacationYourName
save as a .png FIREWORKS image


Scoring Rubric (Points):

40 points = all four images are included
40 points = all images are sized properly (correct size in relationship to all images)
40 points = all colors match exactly (or extremely close)
40 points = all images have proper opacity (images have been erased proportionally or opacity reduced)
40 points = images, texts, colors are properly placed on the graphic and images are not blurry (pixelated) in addition the file as been saved as Vacation_YourName

200 points possible

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