Advertising Project: CraZZy LiZZard Records, R. Durfee, instructor

Today you are going to enter the world of advertising by creating an advertising (ad) campaign for a client. Your client is CraZZy LiZZard Records or CLR. Crazzy LiZZard Records has a new band the producers/owners need promoted. You need to come up with a name for the new band and an advertising campaign to get the word our about this new musical group.

To complete this project you will need to do the following:

1. Come up with a band name

2. Create a POSTER in FIREWORKS (360 x 660 pixels 72 resolution/dpi) to advertize the band's upcoming show. Note: You will need a date, a time, a location (venue) and a cost for the show. Save your completed work as rockposter.jpg and as rockposter (FIREWORKs .png file will keep all your layers for later editing if you need to change or work with the file again).

3. Make an ANIMATED BANNER AD in FLASH (660 x 150 pixels) to advertise the same info you have on the poster in a banner animation. Save your work as rockbanner and be certain to <Control><Test Movie> to creat the FLASH movie file (.swf file).

Your poster and flash animation banner should match in colors, fonts, graphics, etc. Basically, you need to establish brand identity by using these same elements to help people recognize and remember the band.

Objectives: To apply skills in graphics and computer animation you have gained during the first weeks of study in Digital Literacy. To begin to apply basic rules of graphic design.

For this assignment, here are the rules of design to make certain you meet. First, the poster/banner ad must be easy to understand/read. In other words, make certain your text is not "muddied" by images behind or in a font that is difficult to read. Second, look for a HOOK, something to draw the attention of a potential reader/watcher. An interesting or catchy band name, an interesting or exciting graphic, the use of a color scheme or pattern that draws attention, etc.

Your Poster Must Be:
- Easy to read
- Elements (color, fonts, graphics) must match the band name
- Must include all of important information
- Must reflect serious thought and your best work

Save your file to your server space U:drive lunch account # as: rockposter

You Banner Ad Must Be:
- Must not be stick figures
- Must use layers to divide up your parts of the animation
- Must include important information
- Must reflect serious thought and your best work.

Save your file to your server space U:drive lunch account # as: rockbanner


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