Morphing Images

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To morph one image into another is a lot of fun. There is some good software available to do this and we will load a trial version of one of these.

Before you can morph two images you need to have two images that are the following:

1. The same size
2. The images are oriented the same (facing same way)
3. The images should be similar in shapes and colors
4. The background image or color(s) must be the same

Make the changes to your images using FIREWORKS

Watch my video to understand how you to load Fantamorph software and how to use Fantamorph software to make your own morphs:

CLICK HERE to watch Video

You save your work by going to <File> <Export Movie> and choose <Flash Movie File> from the pull down menu. Save your file as Morph1, Morph2, etc.

CLICK HERE to watch a Video - The Mean Old Lady Morphing example. Preserving a "half-morphed" image