A Scary Ghost Story

In 1907 the young Samuel E. Harper wanted to show off his newly acquired mansion in Philadelphia. Mr. Harper was barely 27 and yet he had acquired enough wealth to purchase a very large and beautiful house. He had a local photographer come in and take a series of photographs of his house. To the photographer's, and everyone else's, who would view the photo, surprise--one of the photos, the photo of the living room--showed some erie, ghost-like images.

Mr. Harper was curious as to who these ghostly persons might be and spent the next several days researching into the history of his home's previous inhabitants. What Mr. Harper would discover would make his blood run cold. Apparently, shortly after the house was constructed the original owner's daughter-in-law was murdered along with her newborn son. The murder was never solved but had been blamed upon the owner's son and the woman's husband, Edward. Apparently, Edward was in love with another young woman named Bella but Edward had a secret, a secret that would ultimately cost the lives of, not only his wife and his young son, but ultimately the life of his new love, the lovely Bella.

CLICK HERE to see the image. STARE CLOSELY at the image and you may see, not only the youngwoman, but also a small figure that looks to be her young child. Try not to be toooooo scared - AWWWWW


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