Adding Keyframes in FLASH

We will begin learning FLASH animation software by creating a dancing skeleton. Note: FLASH is the industry standard for 2-D animation. Animation (to animate) is to make something that is not alive, for example our picture of a skeleton, appear to be alive through our movement of the different parts along a timeline.

Objectives: (1) Learn how to open and save FLASH files (2) Become familiar with the Timeline and how to insert and make changes to Keyframes along your Timeliine (3) Learn how to use the <Selection> and the <Free Transform> tools

CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Durfee's video on creating a dancing skeleton in FLASH. Be certain to pause, re-watch anything that you are not clear on the first time.

To check your work go to <Control> <Test Movie> <in Flash Professional> This creates a Flash movie (swf) file and you can see what you have created.

Be certain to SAVE the file names for your work exactly as shown, no spaces in the file name. Also, be certain to save them on your network drive space. The U: drive which has your lunch account number. Save your file as dancing_skeleton

NOTE: If you do not have access to the Shared Drive on the CMS LAN you can get the dancing_skeleton file by CLICKING HERE

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