Adding Shadows to your FLASH Animations

file: shadow1
file: shadow2

Today you will be watching a short tutorial on how to use Filters in FLASH. Specifically, you will be using a Filter to add a Drop Shadow to an image.

CLICK HERE to go to Mr. Durfee's video tutorial

Steps to make Horse Shadow assignment:

1. Start FLASH & Create New - Flash Document
2. Change the size of your stage to 220 x 220
3. Add two layers so you have a background, horse & shadow layer (more if you are going to have a sky or other aspects to your animation)
4. Import the horse.swf file from <shared drive><Durfee><Multimedia><assignments>
5. Follow the instructions from the online tutorial

Try making your shadow move across the screen as though the sun is moving across the sky. Try using the shadow for an object different than the object casting the shadow (see the mouse with the t-rex shadow - scary)

When you have finished with an animation of your own where you have added a shadow, save your work as U: shadow1, shadow2 etc.

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