Working with Color in FIREWORKS

During the 1950s and 1960s Andy Warhol was creating images using simple lines and outlandish combinations of colors. Many individuals, if not most, at the time thought his work to be immature, even childish. Today, most of us have a greater appreciation for the explorations into the colorful ways Warhol found to present his subjects and for the innovative use of pop culture as part of art.

Today, you will be creating your own colorful Warhol images. Of course, Andy Warhol had to photograph and meticulously draw and paint his images. Using your computer and graphics software you will be able to create in minutes what would have taken hours and weeks for Mr. Warhol.

CLICK HERE to Watch Mr. Durfee's video tutorial

There are many ways to work with colors and change colors. Your assignment is to take your image and, using the tools in FIREWORKS, change the colors of the image to create several images that looks like Warhol images. You will need, at least, four images with different color schemes.

The principal tools we will use when working with color are: <Filters> <Adjust Colors> and the <Replace Color> tool on the TOOL BAR.

-->When you have finished your head images, File> <New Document> and start a new FIREWORKS document that will be 660 x 440 pixels.
-->Drag each of your completed pictures to your large document. You will need to add, at least, four images with different color schemes. (see examples below)
--> Save your work completed work as file: warhol_YourName

Changing colors using a computer and an application program like FIREWORKS or PHOTOSHOP makes for quick work. Manipulating color during Warhol's day was quite a bit more tricky and was something that was unusual and unique. The image at the top, left is one of Warhol's portraits of the actress/model Marilyn Monroe and is one of his best known pieces. The image to the top, right, was made by one of CMS's multimedia students, Sabrina J. The images below by CMS students Brooklyn R. and Tamara R. CLICK HERE to see more examples of Andy Warhol's work.


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