Combining Images - Famous Person

To create our famous person you will be combining two images--your face and the body of someone famous (a super hero or celebrity you search for online) You will be deleting part of one of the images to add your own image. Watch the video and have fun creating your new persona. Note: Your first assignment is to make yourself into the Incredible Hulk. For your next assignment, you can pick a famous person of your own choosing.

CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Durfee's video instructions

Save your work as U: HulkYourName e.g., HulkMrDurfee

For additional images, save your work as the name of the person you combined into your face and your name combined, i.e.,
U: FamousPersonNameYourName

Bonus: Try combining more than one character or image into a scene. You have permission to search Internet for images but be certain to think about what you type into your search. Check out the combined images below. Catzilla is threatening the city.

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