FIREWORKS Using the Rubber Stamp Tool

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Start FIREWORKS and then CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO on how to use the Rubber Stamp Tool and working on this assignment.

Next, after cleaning up the label using the Rubber Stamp Tool, CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO on how to make your text and images you add to your "new" jar of jam look realistic.

Note: After you have Rubber Stamped away all the lettering on the label, use your Text Tool [T] and, perhaps, add an image you have saved from the Internet or two to add to your new label. Your jam does not have to be "toe jam" ha ha, it can be peach jam or dirt jam, or just about any jam you would like. Try using the Scale, Skew and Distort Tools to make your letters wrap around the jar.

save file as: jar_of_ jam to your network drive account

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