Combining Images

To create our crocofrog we are going to combine these two images Okay, Okay, I know the first picture is an aligator and not a crocodile but it is such a great picture and alifrog just doesn't sound as cool as CROCOFROG, now does it.

Watch this VIDEO to see and hear a complete description: CLICK HERE

Save your work as crocofrog

1. Open the two images <S> Shared Drive <Durfee> <Digital Literacy> <Assignments>
2. Flip the crocodile head horizontal to match the frog. <Modify> <Transform> <Flip Horizontal>
3. Now polygon lasso the crocodile head and drag it over the face of the bullfrog.
4. Resize and reposition the crocodile head to fit over the frog head.
5. Now using your <Erase Tool> and setting the percent to erase at 15%, or less, slowly erase just a bit of the crocodile along the edges to blend into the frog's body. Erase more farther away and just a bit up close to the crocodile's head.

That's it. Of course you could work more with the <Color Replace> tool and the <Filters> <Adjust Color> to come with a little bit closer match on the color.

Save your work as U: crocofrog

Remember, if you want to go back and work on your image at a later time, you need to save your file, also, as a .png (Fireworks document). Fireworks png files will contain all your layers. A .jpg file smashes all the layers together into one layer.

Below are some more strange creatures that combine unlikely animals. Take a look at some of these and see if you are inspired, then you have permission to go on the Internet and Google search images of animals and combine some animals of your own to see what you can create.


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