"Making NEW, OLD " Using Fireworks Tools

photo before changes



OBJECTIVES: To learn and use FIREWORKS tools to make a NEW photo look OLD.

CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Durfee's video tutorial

First, open your image (the picture Mr. Durfee took of you in class) from the S: Shared Drive. These are located in the <Shared> <Durfee> <Digital Literacy> <Student Photos> folder on the network. You can use your image with your mouth closed or your mouth open, your choice.

To get started, think about the characteristics (things related to) of an "old" photo. In other words, when you look at a photo, what lets you know it is old? The photo is torn, scratched, bent, faded, stained, curled edges, taped together, finger prints, old date, etc.

So now let's recreate all of the above. Follow along with Mr. Durfee as we turn your photo into your parent's or grandparent's photo from the 1960s.

Save your competed work as: oldphoto
Save as a Fireworks doc (.png) file

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