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Graphic Design Tutorials and Helps
Current Events (in the news) Resources
Animation Tutorials, Animators Websites and Helps
Ground Breaking Animations Watch one of the earliest uses of animation in the French film
A Trip to
the Moon
Before Disney animation here is one of Walt Disney's early works
Silly Studios
Skeleton Dance
Early Animation of Skeletons in
Jason & the Argonauts
King Kong 1933
Dream Works
Animation Process
Mysteries of the Bone Tool Tiny Inventions
Documentary on
the designer
Morphing Images
Writing, Research & Learning Resources
Proper Keyboarding Skills and Practice
Other Digital Resources & Approved Interactives


Are the minerals in your iPhone being mined by children. . .

Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace (over 1 million species of plants & animals at risk of disappearing)

THE STRANGE JOURNEY OF AN NSA ZERO-DAY—INTO MULTIPLE ENEMIES' HANDS Ever wondered how hackers gain access to computers and networks without the owners knowing? Read this article about how a programing error in a common software to understand more about the potential security issues that can be created by software with bugs

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